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Kingsize was founded in 1994 by renowed Italian architect Maurizio Favetta.

Across the 90s Kingsize has been mainly dedicated to retail projects promoting a philosophy of  brand space as vehicle of communication message.

In this period , Kingsize designed retail chains and display systems for leading companies in the  European market:

Italy: Sector, Philippe Watch, Lucien Rochat, Roberto Cavalli watches, Pryngeps, Seiko, Rimmel,

Lancaster, Joop, Isabella Rossellini, Collistar, Biotherm,Bizzarre, Thierry Mugler, Layla, Playtex, Lumberjack,

Switzerland: Tissot, Portable Shop Switzerland, Swarowski retail.

England: National Lotteries England, British Post Office, Barclays Bank,

In 1994 King Size has launched the contract furniture collection King Size edition, which as been sold for four years through an international distribution.

In 2008 KINGSIZE changes name and become KINGSIZE architects, and starts the expansion toward a bigger scale projects in the architectural field..

Kingsize architects is now a company, organized as corporation of high professionals that

assure advanced ideas and a top quality service in the fields of in Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Sound and acoustic design, Graphic, Branding and Corporate Design, Product design, Exhibits and event design.

The spirit of creativity comes from the best Italian design tradition;

the structure of the office is  based on the presence of international staff.

The philosophy of the group is based on dynamism, innovation and open approach;

on a strong conviction that nowadays the space is the most powerful communication tool, in close conjunction with traditional Media;  and that the value of designing environments as sensory experiences will require, more than ever before, emotion, imagination, and vision.

Our motto is WE SHAPE YOUR IDENTITY ie the ability to shape the personality of our clients through a project of design with an innovative and unique look.

To focus our international expertise depth knowledge of local markets we operate a framework of global design studios including hotel & leisure, office and workplaces, residential, education, health & science, sport and event managements. This framework acts as a hub for innovation where we pool, share and transfer knowledge which informs and inspires our teams and clients to create designs of intelligence, beauty and clarity.

From business developments to projects delivery Kingsize architects has vision of the future through the eyes of creativity. The touch of the Italian style guarantees  high innovation standards.





















the future is emotional

design creates emotions, sensory

experiences, and, ultimately, sales.

as we progress toward an economy

that thrives on personal relationship,

the value of designing environments

as sensory experiences will require,

more than ever before, emotion,

imagination, and vision.




to dream is important as to act

from function to feel

emotional approach allows a project

to own a unique and compelling

strategic, visual, tactical and verbal

vocabulary—creating a rich

personality that enables the idea  to

stand out completely from the

competition and win people’s hearts




space is a communication place

space is the only veichle of

communication speaking directly with the

people senses.

space make people living and phisycally

feeling their experience..

the new border of communication is the

ability to deliver a brand into a space ie

create a brand communication place

through design.




attractive things work better

people expect wonder and surprise

they expect a touch of irony in any


either in commercial than rich and

sophisticated environments.




human being are powered by emotion,

not by reason

study after study has proven that if

the emotion centers of our brain are

damaged in some way, we don’t just

lose the ability to laugh or cry, we lose

the ability to make decisions.

the essential difference between

emotion and reason is that emotion

leads to action while reason leads to






design for people, place and things

more than at any other time, we need

designs that are not only new, but that

contain a new humanism, that embody

the human challenges we face now and

those to come.





design is to branding what jazz is to music

design is the most potent expression

for our clients to  ultimately bringing

powerful ideas to life. 

design is the best way to create a lasting link

between the client and his audience



The project is not only finalized to itself, but is itself a symbol

of linguistic and stylistic communication, where perceptive

and sensorial incites are blended in an explosion of emotions.

The advanced technology serves the human dimension.





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